Welcome Yule

Yule Reflection, Oil painting of woman gazing out window at twilight, holiday decorations. Melody Phaneuf, Artist

Yule Reflection by Melody Phaneuf, 20 x 24 oil painting


Welcome Yule, Light and Renewal • an exhibition of seasonal paintings by Melody Phaneuf

On view December 6 through Jan 12 • The Guild of Boston Artists, 162 Newbury St, Boston

December’s slant of light evokes a gentle, introspective quality. Northern European cultures of old marked the weeks approaching Winter Solstice as a time of silence, fasting, and self reflection. Diminishing sunlight gave way to firelight. Perhaps the flickering light drew them into a meditative abstraction.

In Yule Reflection, a woman stands, gazing out the window. She watches the last rays of light surrender to darkness. She is pensive, in quiet contemplation.  The scene is in soft focus. There is more attention to atmosphere than sharp detail in the painting. The picture exhibits a mythical, “once upon a time” quality.

I have always been attracted to myth, cultural lore, and folk tales. I am particularly fond of those that were orally transmitted through the ages. Winter tales about Yule and Solstice were shaped by our ancestor’s relationship to light. I was especially interested in trying to express some of the emotional experience connected with the darkest time of year.

This collection of  paintings invokes light and warmth to celebrate the holiday season.  The expressive compositions explore a variety of subjects with luminescent light and bright colors.   

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