The Fool-Beginner’s Mind

Posted by on Jan 18, 2022 in Painting in Progress

Jester with rose and dog representing The Fool, still life painting by Melody Phaneuf

The Fool, painting in progress by Melody Phaneuf, 18 x 24 oil

A thrift shop shelf, a replica of Toto, a tiny rosebud and a member of my jester collection–voilá, The Fool. It’s a work still in progress but approaching finish.

What inspired such a picture? I was contemplating entering a new year when the Tarot card image came to mind. I’ve always appreciated the joy of the Fool, free and happily journeying toward new beginnings. His little companion keeps him safe, grabs him by the leg should he come too close to a cliff edge. The Fool embraces the world as a friendly place.

I love the symbolism of The Fool’s message. It is a reminder to return to the beginning, that in the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities. When I look at the painting I see a character open to anything, optimistic, compassionate, joyful in discovery.  The Fool is my elixir for discord, he makes me smile.