Allegorical Oil Painting of Jester with Dragon shadow by Melody Phaneuf, The Pearl

The Pearl

24 x 30 Oil Painting

This allegorical Still Life was inspired by the Gnostic Hymn of the Pearl text. Here, an excerpt from Hans Jonas~

When I was a little child and dwelt in the kingdom of my Father’s house and delighted in the wealth and splendor of those who raised me, my parents sent me forth from the East, our homeland, with provisions for the journey.

They took off from me the robe of glory which in their love they had made for me, and my purple mantle that was woven to conform exactly to my figure, and made a covenant with me, and wrote it in my heart that I might not forget it: “When you go down into Egypt and bring the One Pearl which lies in the middle of the sea which is encircled by the snorting serpent, you will put on again your robe of glory and your mantle over it and with your brother our next in rank be heir in our kingdom”.