Posted by on Dec 19, 2021 in Allegorical Painting, Figure Painting
Gaia is an allegorical painting of Mother Nature in distress by Melody Phaneuf

Gaia, allegorical painting by Melody Phaneuf, in private collection

Gaia, our earth mother  is heartbroken.  She has given us everything to sustain life and is mystified at our behavior. She is tired. She is considering abandoning us in the same way we have abandoned her. Gaia represents all that has nurtured us through the generations.

During the 2020 pandemic closure I was inspired by how quickly the air cleared and the harbor cleaned its water. The quiet brought humming birds back. At last, we gave Nature a much deserved rest. I painted this image of Gaia with the hope we will remember to nourish, not abuse, our dearest treasure.