The Art of  Self Expression

Do your surroundings reflect the individual you are?  Let me work with you to create a customized, expressive work of art that will add distinction to your home or office. A commissioned painting can be a vital component of the ambiance you wish to create.

Are you seeking a solution to a design challenge? A commissioned painting can weave together color schemes and furnishings, add architectural detail, or a view where a window is absent. A painting or wall mural can be customized to balance and harmonize awkward spatial relationships that sometimes result from subdividing a large space into smaller rooms.

Commissioned paintings are thoughtful and treasured gifts. Portraits of loved ones, family homes, or pets are joyful reminders and become cherished keepsakes, certain to be passed down through generations. Family heirlooms help to keep memories alive.

Questions? Please contact me to discuss your commission. Just imagine the possibilities~

Stoneberg House Portrait-960Stonberg House~ Gloucester, MA