Melody Phaneuf painting still life, Boston Fenway Studios

About Melody Phaneuf


Melody Phaneuf is well known for her evocative still life, landscape and portrait paintings. Her colorful oil paintings merge observation from life with imagination and memory. Her impressionistic style reveals the beauty of color and light that transforms viewers with aesthetic appeal. Her still life paintings are inspired by mythology and symbolism, while coastal landscapes embody the soul of Cape Ann—many veiled in moonlight or wrapped in the moist atmosphere of winter. 

Melody remains influenced by her Boston School training but has formulated a personal approach to painting and thinking about the nature of human experience. She is fascinated by the way in which color, light and composition create aesthetic experiences that can transform us. Her intention is to create paintings that inspire and provide a sense of well being.

Melody’s Cape Ann gallery is steps away from Stage Fort Park and Gloucester’s iconic fisherman statue. She welcomes painting commissions and offers tailored painting instruction.