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Paintings that Evoke a Mood..... Transform an Environment..... Brighten with Beauty



Welcome to Melody Phaneuf Paintings


What we see shapes who we are. When choosing what to paint, I search for eloquent and expressive combinations of color, line, shape, texture, and tone that will intrigue and delight the viewer. Paintings are windows that have the potential to transform the space we inhabit and thus, how we feel. A painting can fine tune the mood of a room, communicate an idea or identity, and impart decorative beauty to your environment.


Painting Galleries

Please visit the Painting Galleries to view available work. In the Landscape Painting Gallery you will find serene coastal landscapes, lively scenes of Gloucester and Boston, and vibrant paintings from my travels.

In the Still Life Gallery, the traditional category features painting themes arranged for their decorative beauty. In the allegorical category are still life arrangements that use material objects to embody abstract or spiritual ideas. Both genres of still life painting will add colorful distinction to your home or working environment.


Do you have a vision of your own, a portrait, or a special gift in mind? See how I can help you bring your idea to life with a custom painting commission. Commissioned paintings are thoughtful and welcomed gifts.


Art Consultants, Interior Designers, I welcome the opportunity to help you create a beautiful and distinctive environment. I am especially attracted to the healing potential in a work of art and select many of my painting subjects from Nature with evidence based design concepts in mind.