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Boston Artists at Fenway Open Studios, 2010

This weekend, November 6 & 7 is our annual Open Studios event at Fenway Studios.

Celebrating Vendage

Beyond the decorative, the painting is about transformation~ of grapes into wine, of completion and fulfillment of purpose.

Painting Fields

Painting the spirit of the terrain is a study in abstraction. Discerning the structural relationships among values, textures, colors and shapes is the challenge to capturing the essence.

Sketchbook Journeys

Drawings done from imagination seem to be most telling. Drawings from imagination exercise an inner vision, challenging to bring forth, but worth the treasures they hold.

Art Exhibitions Boston

Fenway Studios annual Open Studio weekend, November 6 & 7, from 11-5. Fenway Studios is a National Historic Landmark building and the oldest continuously functioning building in the country constructed for and dedicated solely to artists’ space. Located at 30 Ipswich St, the building is close to Fenway Park.

Glow of Yellow

In this painting, the vibrant spirit of yellow beckoned me to employ it as the theme for an arrangement of glowing, sunny delight. A radiant composition echoes the sunflowers, center of interest and hub of an invisible wheel on which pears, book, and sweet treats mark the spokes.


It’s possibly a similar reason that I enjoy painting still life so much. The arranging of objects in light and shadow, stepping back, looking at pattern, moving something a little back or forward, then stepping back to compare once more, is the ritual that summons the Muse, putting me into the spirit of creation long before I pick up a brush.

Small Paintings~ A Big Treat

Landscape paintings translate especially well to a petite format. Once the painting is entered, one’s sense of size diminishes while experiencing the relative parts of the composition. It’s as if one shrinks to inhabit the space.

Rhythms And Radiance

Light and Glass are exquisite playmates. Sometimes bending, sometimes bouncing, light penetrates glass and splashes color like liquid.

Artists As Influence

Picasso and Degas, could they be any more different? Yet, the exhibit at the Clark Museum, Picasso looks at Degas, revealed that Degas influenced the younger artist in many ways.