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Painting Essentials~ Coastal Marshes

The coastal marshes are especially colorful and lovely in autumn light. In addition to pleasing color and texture, this marsh series is satisfying to me because of the abstract patterning. Despite the simplicity, each has an undeniable presence and an essence of truth that can be recognized by the unity of effect.

Evoking The Mood of Autumn~

In Hues of Autumn, a warm, analogous color scheme expresses the transition of the season, its movement away from the dominion of the sun. The angular shapes of the colorful, curling leaves echo the fabric pattern and provide a contrast to the curves of the jar, the seasonal pomegranates, and the oval arrangement of the draped satin.

What Color is Bliss?

Bringing landscape color indoors is to me, akin to having fresh cut flowers from the garden on the table. It reminds me of Nature’s abundance and is nourishing for my soul.

Artist Gardens

I’ve been to Giverny several times and admired not only the gardens but also the aesthetic with which Monet lived, surrounded with art and lovely things; he most assuredly lived a beautiful life.

Ruminations on Red

The vitality of color in Rhythms and Red has a kinship to the rippling movement of light as it bathes forms and energizes the shadows.

Autumn Table~ Demijohn & Suzani

Melody Phaneuf is an award-winning Boston Artist, well known for her evocative still life, landscape, and portrait paintings. Phaneuf maintains a studio at Fenway Studios in Boston, where she paints and holds workshops, continuing the Boston School lineage.

On Teaching Color~

The energy of color unleashes emotion like massage releases muscle tension. And the identification of color ranges to experiences is part of the pure joy of seeing with the heart. Color energy has the power to restore.

The Joy of Yellow

In the painting Yellow, sunflowers echo a radiant compositional theme. The flowers act as the hub of a wheel on which pears, book, and sweet treats mark the spokes. The sunny arrangement expresses joy and I hope, will encourage summer.

The Consequence of Color

Colors in ideal proportion to one another cause a sensation of inner light. The colors glow and radiate harmonious energy. In Fragrant Delight, cool pinks and warm red-orange vibrate in a sea of turquoise and green. The painting delights with its balanced contrast of color.

Garden Memories

The painting, Lilies & Hydrangeas conveys an experience of being cuddled by a swell of flora illuminated by dappling morning light. As I look out at the falling snow, the winter seems less harsh, balanced with the vision of summer.