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November 2010

The Sight Size Method of Painting

This method takes time. In the beginning, it is easy to spent 10 hours on a drawing, depending on the size. Each time you go through the process the drawing goes a little quicker and soon you can capture anything you see with complete accuracy.

A Vision of Order

How does one capture this wholeness in a painting? At the outset all small detail is suppressed. The painting begins as a blur and slowly emerges based on the large relationships of light and dark shapes and their correct orientation to one another.

An Art Affair

With Fenway Open Studios behind us the focus is on the Liberty Hotel’s Art & Wine Tasting event November 16, 6-8:30.

Boston Artists at Fenway Open Studios, 2010

This weekend, November 6 & 7 is our annual Open Studios event at Fenway Studios.